Titanic Suites

Modern visual approach to fit a modern solution

The Perfect Partner for your business.

Renowned for fantastic service, flexibility and can-do attitude, Titanic Suites pride themselves on building long term relationships with all of their clients, giving them the support to grow their business and reputation.

For customers visiting the Titanic Suites website with no prior knowledge to the above, or any previous experience with hired offices/call management, the cold stats may not be enough to fully convey what is offered or get across the potential it truly offers. That’s where the animations come in. Their job is not replacing the stats, which need to be clearly listed for referencing, but rather building a buzz around the benefits and better conveying an understanding of what the cold stats actually mean.

Pushing benefits of services provided, creating a sense of entrepreneurship

These animations are illustrated to make things a little more playful and allow more energetic messaging/graphics around what otherwise could be a rather bland topic. Taking the core of what a service provides the illustrations attempt to illustrate the benefits with positive energy and clarity. This approach allows us to move beyond the physical offices themselves and appeal to the entrepreneur’s dreams and ambitions around what they hope to achieve while using these services. An upbeat yet strongly corporate track holds attention and keeps everything within the right tone of voice.

Strategy is a pattern in the stream of decision

- Henry Mintzberg We design the pattern