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Packaging Design,Candles, Soaps and Reed difusers

Sweet Escapes products are all natural products which are eco-friendly and chemical free. They are also luxurious products boasting high quality scents.

The challenge is to create packaging that is inkeeping with both this natural and therefore environmentally friendly approach as well as being high-end and luxurious that would quite often be of the opposite category when it comes to print and materials. A worthy compromise would be an ecofriendly approach (cardboard packaging etc.) with a luxurious graphic undertone which should resonate through all elements of packaging.

Creating a strong, simple, natural packaging approach

By using an eco-friendly supplier and paper stock the consumer can be appealed to who likes the thought of their products delivering high end quality scents at no cost to the environment .

The design resonates luxury through modern patterns and minimalist typography with plenty of whitespace. The unique fold of the packaging both attracts interest and pays tribute to the products or for special event items, or these threee core patterns can be used interchangeably and not become attached to a particular fragrance, simply becoming part of the brand visuals.

Naturally beautiful, 100% eco friendly

Sweet Escapes believe in being completely honest and open about what goes into their products. Being strongly opposed to the mainstream ‘green washing’of goods - products which have minimal amounts of natural ingredients in otherwise chemical blends. In their view, that doesn’t make them natural, pure or ‘green’.

These packaging solutions endeavour to reinforce this earth-friendly vibe by keeping eco-friendly stock and print solutions along with minimal packaging where possible.

The packaging desire to keep things simple reflects the candle approach. Every ingredient selected has a host of qualities that gently deliver therapeutic benefits to your skin. Nothing is included for show - every ingredient serves a purpose, and works to enhance the quality of your experience.

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