Paul Hughes MMA

Adding Energy to Paul Hughes Online Presence.

Paul Hughes is a mixed martial arts fighter who has faced adversity in his young career with consecutive hand breaks after a groundbreaking start his new career. After necessary surgery and a few years out he has taken this hardship and used it to strengthen his mental fortitude and solidify his championship mindset.

He is hungrier than ever and wants an online presence to mirror his ambition in the cage. Paul Hughes is a clean tactical fighter in all areas of the game, has engaged the interest of the youth in MMA and has a conviction and energy in his chat. To encapsulate all this we went for a very minimal clean design, no nonsense approach, highlighting strong imagery from Paul’s portfolio and overlaying striking bold text. Pairing a colour full of energy with monochrome treatments really communicates the raw energy. The content is simply laid out allowing clear view of necessary content with considered areas of energetic imagery, text and colour.

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