Obel - Belfast

Creating a Modern Logotype.

The existing logo for Obel didn’t capture the essence of the high end modern nature of the Obel for the client. The task was to fix this, keep clean, minimal but striking with subtle charm in-keeping with high-end living in Belfast.

With the shape of the building itself being derived from a section of a circle it was a clear device to be explored for the logotype. After a few alternatives the simplistic ‘O’ was chosen to represent the brand mark.

Bringing Style and Substance to the Brochure.

These apartments are high-end modern living quarters, brilliantly located to avail of city living while sporting breathtaking views. The brochure needed to convey the level of luxury available and consideration given to each apartment. Subtle background textures, a muted mature colour palette and refined imagery selection all add a sense of sophistication. While the imagery locations, minimal layout and modern iconography all invoke the modern vibe suitable for the young professional target audience.

Strategy is a pattern in the stream of decision

- Henry Mintzberg We design the pattern