Kitchen Vegilantes

Breaking the mould, Vegan Meals with Attitude

Veganism was once an unpopular idea, but lately it has become more and more popular with the growing world population and people’s awareness to the reality of processed foods being heightened.

The challenge of this brief was to understand veganism, why people would consider vegan food and combat the negative connotations in order to create an engaging and effective vegan meal brand.

Creating an engaging on trend brand

As just outlined first was to understand what made eating only vegan food appealing. Surprisingly there were many good reasons for going vegan other than the topical point that seems to be prevalent (inhumane animal death). There are environmental factors such as it being better for ecosystems and natural animal populations. Economically it is more sustainable for the increasing world population that needs food. Health factors such as lower risk of getting a high number of diseases, by simply not processing meat. Weightloss and improved mood balance have been argued.

Seems like an easy sell at this point, but unfortunately good logical reasoning alone won’t provide the catalyst for changing perceptions needed. People also buy food for the taste and for energy. The main publicly perceived drawbacks are that vegan meals are bland in flavour and leave you lack-lustre and lethargic.

This brand aims to address those points on the head. Taking a fun approach making the vegan chefs seems like rebels in the kitchen, choosing to defy the norm using only vegetables to revolutionise dishes and create delicious, tantalising meals bursting with flavour. By pushing the packed with attitude aspect we can communicate the fact that these meals are flavoursome. The rebellious tone both connects with the members of the vegan community and also aligns with the idea of moving away from social conformities to consume meat. The hipster graphics and bold stylistic combinations alongside the ‘packed with attitude’ phrase provide a sense of energy that directly opposes the preconceptions of what vegan is.

The brand and language always communicates the fact it is plant based and healthy secondarily so the product is clearly represented. The full benefits and research is communicated through more in-depth articles on the website to allow proper dissemination of the benefits.

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