Healthy Cave

Creating a Healthy Meal Plan Brand from Scratch.

This branding job required conceptualisation from the ground up, naming conventions, style, messaging and attitude all had to be covered. The challenge was identifying how to communicate healthy eating in an interesting way that would stand out in the market. A unique approach seemed to be implying a move away from our current food production systems without actually saying it. Fresh fruit and veg, unprocessed meats, excellent natural ingredients all void of mechanical and chemical enhancements could all be implied by the thought of going back to a day before those things existed. The result - the ‘healthy cave’.

The idea of having a healthy cave immediately invokes an entire different world in the consumers mind where things are healthier, fresher and natural. This is reinforced by the slogan ‘Back to Goodness Meal Plans’. Highlighting what the company does (creates meal plans) and it’s ethos/approach.

Graphically Reinforcing the Concept.

Caves can be rock, dirt, gravel or a glorified hole, we want to be sure to communicate the right aesthetic for the meals to have a feeling of quality to them and not be too earthy. By using marble to convey rock and large fresh leaf patterns for overgrowth we can give visual reference to a cave setting in a positive way. Light colour tones create association with freshness and brightness (not eery and cramped),with marble suggesting higher end quality produce. Photography uses wood, slate and marble with loose veg to complete the look.

Crafting the logotype.

The logo needed to balance all these elements into one singular graphical peice that tied the whole concept together at first view. Bold, chunky typography sets the right tone for cave rock, rough edging adds to the earthy aesthetic while leafy jut outs complete the look accenting the fresh approach complimented by the already chosen colour palette. The A filling the space in both words forms a graphical cave entrance that will begin to be a strong mark for the brand providing immediate recognition.

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