CAST 4 Innovation

Teaching Many to Act as One

CAST4Innovation aims to develop a transnational accredited training programme. Training trainers(educators) in ways to best deliver cultural awareness and give trainers themselves an opportunity to explore the elements of culture that will add value to a learners experience. At it’s core cast is about educating the values of appreciating other cultures as well as your own.

Creating a Brand That Can Adapt to the Diversity of the Topic and Variety of Situations.

The brand mark visually interprets CAST4Innovation’s aims with a simple concept that is similar to the actual goals of the team. They want to bring people of variant cultures, backgrounds and beliefs together as one group of people with an understanding for each other without prejudice or diluting the rich culture at an individual level. By taking the multitude of diverse fonts, shapes and colours available we bring them altogether as one. A visual display of an harmonious blend of typography, colour and shape symbolic of the end goal. There is also a link between educating/ teaching and the use of shapes in graphical device holders. The empty space is symbolic of knowledge to be gained as well as finding a place to fit, similar to the childhood educational game we are all familiar with.

Strategy is a pattern in the stream of decision

- Henry Mintzberg We design the pattern