Aegis Psychological

Getting to the core of Aegis

The brief was to find an effective approach for brand visuals and language to stand out as a pyschological consultancy for the corporate world. A company that are all about change from within. Within organisations, within individuals and within themselves. They are specialists in providing assessment and solutions for individuals and organisations in resolving workplace issues. Having understanding of the clients position and what it’s like they can provide some clear steps for change that WILL work. They have experience guiding individuals and organisations out of their situation, they are the experts.

Reinforcing the companies sympathetic but strong stance

Aegis - to be under protection, guidance or control of a person/organisation as well as being the shield of the greek God Zeus.

As a consultancy that provides solutions and guidance Aegis acts as your shield protecting you in your situation. When you are weak Aegis assesses, resolves and protects. At the end of the process the goal is to provide the means to be your own shield and protection, therefore the methods adapted continue to be the Aegis. This brand recognises the situation, approaching it from a position of strength, rather than hope it draws on aspirations of wanting a protector and to be strong in the situation, controlling it.

Protecting your mind, strenghtening your team

Pscyhological Consultants assess an individuals situation, work with them to better understand any route of the problem from within. Finally addressing the situation by using those findings to apply external attitudes and behaviours to resolve the issue and protect them in the situtation.

Therefore to visually communicate and appeal to these traits the brand identity revolves around a shield emblem. A symbol of protection and strength.

The inner shield links to the individuals existing layers of complexity and protection. The 3 radiating spirals pay tribute to the balance of mind, body and soul as well as the 3 part phrase Assess, Resolve and Protect. The solid edged outter shield implies control and containment of these inner things resulting in protection.

The brand identity and language revolves around expressing these core values, designing content with them in mind to result in a much stronger and coherant brand message to the target audience.

Strategy is a pattern in the stream of decision

- Henry Mintzberg We design the pattern