Your Print Manager

Connecting the dots of printing

Print for most organisations falls into the ownerless category and ordering daily and discreetly in company dpartments is a common occurence; with multiple suppliers, incosistent quality and often shortfalls in critical printing. Print Management is a mixture of many disciplines such as procurement, storage, stock control and distribution of printed material to provide cost savings whilst delivering a managed print solution.

The challenge here is to create a brand logo and identity that successfully communicates the need for a Print Manager and the service that they provide

Applying brand thinking

Print managers are problem solvers, efficiency optimisers, financial loss preventers and communication improvers. They make the connections that isolate over stocking, bridge communication gaps between disjointed departments and simplify your supply chain.

This brand identity pushes the print managers function by graphically representing their act of making the best connections possible between intercompany departments, between company and printers and between stockroom and suppliers.

The line has a puzzle-esque nature to it, representing both the solution solved and also the probelm solving and efficient nature of the print manager. This line can adapt and change form to fit the dimension or medium used

Strategy is a pattern in the stream of decision

- Henry Mintzberg We design the pattern