Mapping Customers Journeys - Branding and UX

Mapping Customers Journeys for providing the right building blocks for all other design services, whether that be stationary, website or a brochure. It is important your brand is consistently relevant to your target audience and accurately communicates what your business stands for. You dress up for an interview and fix your hair for a date as first impressions count, your customers meeting your brand is no different. Your brand will immediately be judged before the product is even sampled. Lastly it’s the number one channel of communication between you and the valued customer, building trust , respect and expectancy everytime they come in contact with it. This is where we can help. Analysing your business in its market we can begin to shape the visual language and unique look and feel your brand should begin taking to better stand out while communicating its core values and attitude. We can provide a platform for communication of strong emotional values and impact for appropriate target audiences that engages across various other mediums such as social media, websites and advertising.

From web design to animation and photography we can make sure your brand identity consistently reinforces the key values and tone of voice your business requires. It is this voice in unison that your customers will grow to recognise and trust.

From initial concepts through to final production we have you covered. Take a look at some of our work we’ve already done for happy customers and if you like what you see why not get in touch.

Strategy is a pattern in the stream of decision

- Henry Mintzberg We design the pattern