Content Management

If you find your website is in constant need of updated content, whether that be a new call to action on the home page, a seasonal image switch or new product additions a content management system may be just what you’re looking for. Allowing any member of your staff to gain access to the website and make changes in designated areas without any coding experience greatly increases workflow and prevents bottlenecks of seasonal or event specific launches.

Using Wordpress we can design your website with all the required functionality and give your team access to an admin section where changes to user end info and visuals can be made. With a modular type build new products can be added to existing sections of the site, new posts can be made or other elements you may require can be made modular to your specific needs.

Our CMS services include:

  • CMS Implementation of Optimized Custom Themes and Plugins.
  • CMS Consulting/Tutorial.
  • Mobile and SEO friendly builds with social media integration.

If continually updated and relevant content on your site sounds great, but you’d rather not have to worry about any of it, don’t worry you can check out our Website Management Service.

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