Creating a new brand for your company can be daunting as much as it is exciting. You may be sold on this being a home run, but how do you know the valued customers will agree? That’s were we can help hedge the bets. By interviewing stakeholders and customers directly as well as sending out purposely crafted surveys we can begin to gather the necessary data to build the necessary brand and company demographic. These methods will allow us to gain an invaluable insight to gauge how the valued customers perceive the new brand/company by way of key considered metrics. Allowing effective planning for pitfalls ahead of time and the making of adjustments pre-launch to make the overall campaign more targeted. This ultimately means everyone can move forward promoting the final polished look knowing there are solid reasons to suggest it will be a success to the people that matter

From strategy formation to initial concepts right through to final production we have you covered. Take a look at some of our work we’ve already done for happy customers and if you like what you see why not get in touch.

Strategy is a pattern in the stream of decision

- Henry Mintzberg We design the pattern