How to Choose a Digital Agency for Web Designing?

The importance of a website cannot be ignored anymore, especially in the post-pandemic time. COIVD-19 has come into existence as the biggest catastrophe humans have ever seen, and it devastated everything around. While it impacted most of the businesses hugely, many tech-savvy experts introduced ways to keep on going even during the pandemic. These people belong to digital marketing agencies, who only ask for a system and internet connection to work miracles. And, the first step to do the same, is to own a website.

In today’s fast-paced, highly competitive corporate world, having a well-developed web presence can spell success for a company. An SEO-friendly website can help a business move up the ladder of success as far as online marketing is concerned. The role of a web design company cannot be ignored anymore.

It is the era; a website turns out to be a tool that makes or breaks an organization’s presence on the internet. The number of people exploring a particular website is directly proportional to the number of people visiting or logging on to that particular website. 

Every other business or organization that wants to make its presence felt through the internet needs a web design company that can design its websites in a manner that will draw the attention of potential customers and help the organization in other ways.

Before we get to know about choosing an appropriate web designing company, let’s first understand what web designing is.

What’s Web Design?

Web design comprises a variety of disciplines & skills while creating & maintaining sites. The various web design fields comprise graphic web design, web user interface design; content management, authoring; and, client-side programming. Web development refers to the process of laying out a website from scratch in such a way that it can be successfully marketed online. Some other fields of what is web design are web hosting, e-commerce, and web development.

A website needs to have a strong navigable layout, attractive to the viewer and well-positioned on the Internet. It must be accessible to the widest range of users and contain all the necessary information. The Internet remains made up of millions of websites, and only a few are very popular. So, if your site is not very popular, you will not get much traffic or sales, but with what is web designing, you can make your site popular to become the most visited on the Internet.

There are different types of website designers available who specialise in web designing. Website designers make customised websites for small businesses, and there are also website designers who create extremely large websites. In short, they are the link builders and the administrators of a website. Web development includes the development phase of a website before its launch on the Internet.

Which Web Design Company Should You Choose?

Any business cannot overlook a web designer’s need because the right designer will help the business lead up the ladder of success quickly and effortlessly. If you plan to design your website or design a website for your company, you should know how to choose a digital agency for web design. It is not difficult to find a good and experienced company these days. Most of the well-established companies offer packages that meet the needs of every organization.

Many things should be kept in mind when you want to know how to choose a digital agency for web design. You should choose a company that:

Offers Best Solutions in Minimum Cost

Many businesses are looking for a way or a method through which they can cut costs while increasing their organization’s revenues. In such a scene, the company designing the website must deliver good results at the minimum cost. Many companies offer affordable web solutions, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which include start-ups and mid-size companies. These companies can offer custom website solutions that are tailor-made to meet the requirements of these organizations.

Follows All the Latest Trends of the E-Market

The company must have a good understanding of the latest trends in web technology. The agency must be ready to incorporate all the latest technologies in your website to meet your visitors’ expectations. The best agencies are aware of the market’s changing demands and are always geared up to meet these changes. Another important thing is that the agency must have a good and experienced web team who can meet the clients’ deadlines with flexibility and skill.

Holds a Good Reputation & Brand Image

Being a novice in the same sector, you will need to learn how to choose a digital agency for web design from the start. It would get best if you understood that every web designer has his/her methods and style of working. Choose a firm/company that has a good reputation so that you do not feel threatened. The agency must also have a good understanding of the latest developments in the field.

Knows How to Keep Track of Technicalities 

The web designer & developer will remain responsible for developing your website using cutting-edge technology. The respective company will also be in charge of incorporating all the design elements such as graphics, images, and videos. Thus, it is important that the firm you hire can handle the technicalities of the project properly. In this fast-paced world of the internet, it is necessary to choose an updated company to integrate your website with best-in-time tools to let it grow incredibly.

Owns a Significant Experience in Web Designing

You should find out how long the agency has been in business. It is advisable to choose a reliable firm otherwise you will be entrusting this crucial work to an inexperienced company. It may get to ask for some time to get the desired results, but the work quality is bound to be good. Finally, when you find the right company, you should enquire about the price and how they charge their clients. This will help you determine whether you are getting your money’s worth or not.

Why Is Website Design Important?

Web design is important because it gives your site a professional image. It shows your customers that you put some thought into what you are doing. It even showcases to them that you care about your customers and that you value their business.

Through an attractive web design, people can navigate the page quickly. The more visible the page is on the internet; the easier people will have to find what they are looking for. When someone is trying to find information on your page, the faster they have to click through your web page or jump to another related page to get the answer to their question. People need to be able to move quickly through your page to find what they are looking for.

With a good web design, your viewers can identify with your page and build brand recognition with what you are selling. When your audience sees your page and can identify your brand, they are more likely to become repeat visitors. 

When they come back to your page, they are more likely to make purchases from your site because they understand your business. Having consistent visual elements throughout your page gives your viewers a sense of familiarity with your brand and helps your audience to build brand recognition with what you are selling.

Summing Up

The factors described above should be kept in mind while choosing the website development company for your website. The first and foremost thing is the quality and usability of the web design work they offer to their clients.  Graphik Pulse is a digital agency based in Belfast that specialises in web designing having trained and experienced professionals who can use different web designing software. This will help in producing a professional-looking web page in a short period. This is because website development plays a major role in marketing and promoting a particular brand or a product over the internet. 

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Guide To Choose Right Digital Marketing Channel For Your Business In 2021

As most activities shift online, businesses have not been left out. Today for your business to remain relevant, you need to get to customers by tapping into the channels where they spend most of their time. It is impractical to use all of the available digital marketing channels available, hence you need to narrow down to the most effective ones and follow tips on exploiting them for maximum results.

To save you from the hustle of choosing a suitable digital-market channel for your business, we have identified some options and described them for you in this guide. Read till the end to learn which is the right digital marketing channel for your business in 2021.

What Is A Digital-Marketing Channel?

A digital-marketing channel is any platform that business people can use to interact with their customers and reach out to new ones online. This is simply achieved by displaying business products and services on various digital platforms.

Different Types Of Digital Marketing Channels

There are several digital marketing channels available to reach to customers online. Here, we will simplify things and give you the most effective digital marketing channels.

The top 5 digital marketing channels that have been proven to work for almost all kind of brands:

  1. Website Marketing

    In this era, every other business owns a business website and there is no reason why yours should be left out in this. Get a web designer to help you create a responsive website that you can use to display your products and services. You can also have any information about your company on the website and a blog section to discuss more about your products and services, your expertise and credibility.
  2. Email Marketing

    Email is an online channel often overlooked by many brands. However, it has been proven to work for many businesses by producing a very high Return On Investment (ROI). Email marketing works by regularly reminding your existing customers about your services and alerting them of the new ones. Today, almost everyone has an email account; thus, it is easy to reach customers, even those who are not active in social media.
  3. Social Media Marketing

    This is where you get to use all your social media platforms to promote your brand, ranging from Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to LinkedIn. You are required to post your products or services on your pages regularly and be active to engage with your customers. You can also post products or services offered on various groups by targeting those with your type of customers.
  4. Influencer Marketing

    Social media influencers are used to promote products and services through sponsored content. Social media influencers have a huge following hence a large audience that they can easily convince to purchase your products. They do this by displaying your products on their channels, educating them about your services and offering promotions. This is the best option for brands starting out, as in most cases, your social media platforms can’t make a significant impact like theirs.
  5. Search Engine optimization

    Before purchasing, almost everyone searches for information about a product, brands, and product reviews online. You can take advantage of this by boosting your ranking and ensuring that your products or services appear on top once these searches are done. This can only be achieved by utilizing on-page and off-page optimization, such as using unique and strategic keywords or using backlinks to get a bigger percentage of potential customers.

How To Choose The Most Effective Channel

These are the steps you need to follow to pick the most effective channel for your business:

  • Goal Identification
  • Target Audience Identification
  • Expertise Required Determination
  • Budget Allocation
  1. Goal Identification

    First, identify your goal in using digital marketing channels. Here are the typical goals most businesses have:
  • Lead Generation: You can use a digital marketing channel to generate leads to your potential customers, getting to connect with them and eventually making them your buying customers. The digital marketing channels best for you with this goal in mind are Email marketing, search engine optimization and blogs.
  • Sales Generation: Most people are getting used to purchasing items from online stores and hence you can use digital marketing channels to increase sales. To achieve this, you can leverage channels like affiliate marketing, Amazon resellers and Google Search Network.
  • Brand Awareness: If you aim at brand awareness, you need to get on channels that emphasize brand promotion and development. These include using social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram, creating YouTube videos and running joint adventure marketing with other established brands.
  • Identify Your Target Audience

    To be successful in digital marketing, you need to identify your target audience and then use channels that they are very active in and where they spend most of their time. For instance, if your audience is young, you need to use Instagram as this target group is mostly found here, at least for the short funny videos and memes. If you are targeting business people and professionals, you probably should consider LinkedIn.
  • Set a budget

    This is very crucial as you don’t want to go for expensive services and strain to pay for them. You will need to adjust and limit yourself to digital marketing platforms that you can afford and services you can pay for without straining your business.
  • Determine Expertise Needed

    Different digital marketing channels come with different skill requirements. Thus, it is vital to settle for a channel with readily available and affordable skills. Examples of typical skills needed include developing skills for website designers, social skills for social media managers, and creative content creation skills.

We cannot wrap up this guide before saying that these platforms complement each other and it is recommended to use every channel at your disposal for maximum results. Our team at Graphik Pulse offers services to help businesses use these digital-marketing channels effectively for higher returns. Get in touch with us for more details.

Why Choose Graphik Pulse for Digital Marketing?

  • Unbeatable Experience: We have been in the marketing industry for a long time than most digital marketing agencies out there. We understand market trends fully and deliver the best as per market needs.
  • Reliability: We never fail to deliver and with us, you will never have to worry about getting conned.
  • Quality Services: We make sure we offer value for every coin you spend by giving you quality digital marketing services.
  • Variation In Services: We offer a wide variety of services and you don’t need to have several people running various marketing channels for you when you choose us.
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Get Branding Strategies Right For Your Business

When you are in business, there is always that one key area that you specialise in. You cannot be everything to all people and you must identify yourself with a specific line of products and services for your business to work. What identifies you and your business and makes you stand out from your competitors is your BRAND, and it is what we are going to focus on here.

So if you want to learn what business branding means, the common branding strategies that you can use for your business, and the reasons why you should be obsessed with every detail of your brand, read this guide to the end.

What Is Branding?

In the business world, branding is simply the process of making your business identity known to potential and existing customers. Contrary to the thinking of many, branding is not just about your business logo. It encompasses every aspect that customers perceive your business with. Everything from your visual identity (how you style your products, staff and premises), the customer service, to the way you run all your marketing and advertising strategies is all part of branding. In summary, it includes everything you promise to offer to your customers to cater to their needs and all the things you do to fulfil your own needs and accomplish the business goals.

Why Branding Matters?

So you may be wondering why you should spend most of your time creating a brand for your business while you are supposed to focus on ‘more important’ aspects such as production. Here are some reasons why branding is so important.

It Signifies Your Intents And Actions

It is only through branding that the potential consumers your business targets will know what you wish to offer and how you are working and progressing to ensure that the promises are fulfilled. Keep in mind that the promise is what will keep your target group close to your business, while the actions are what will make these people your buying customers.

It Helps You Stay Ahead Of The Competition

If you fail to outdo the competition, your business will not operate at its full potential at any point in time. Additionally, we are living at a time where businesses are required to leverage global markets and also stay ahead of the competitors in the global realm to reach their full potential. Positioning your brand the right way will give assurance to customers and clients that you are the best among companies with similar offerings as yours.

Branding Builds Trust

Since the better part of branding involves working towards offering the best products and services, it helps you build trust with customers. By knowing that their needs will be fulfilled in a straightforward and highly effective manner, your customer will keep coming back for more. This will, in turn, increase the returns your business makes.

Helps Attract Top Talents

Branding is not just about the customers. Investors, management professionals and even other leading businesses will want to be affiliated with a firm that has built its brand. You may not have top-notch and premium offerings, but just by the way you position your identity out there, you may end up having the most skilled and talented team in your firm.

Why Branding Is So Important?

Branding can help to influence the consumers’ purchase decision. In a survey conducted by Nielsen Survey in 2015, more than 50% of consumers said they would prefer buying a branded products they are familiar with, and only 21% of consumers bought the product they actually liked.

Also, branding drives profits for businesses. In a study conducted by Forbes, it was seen that 77% of B2B marketing leaders say branding is critical to growth.

Therefore, in today’s competitive world, branding is crucial to gain an advantage over your competitors.

What Are Branding Strategies?

A branding strategy is a long-term plan on how you will develop and sustain your identity and, in the long run, accomplish all your goals. A working branding strategy should convince your customers that your products and services are the best in the market and that they will cater to all their needs. It would help if you launched a working branding strategy right as your business starts, as this will give you a better chance to succeed.

What Are Branding Guidelines?

Branding guidelines is all the information that defines how your brand works. The information may range from your business’s history, vision, and goals to how you will use your logos and business cards. Good branding guidelines should be rigid enough to keep your identity out there but at the same time flexible to accommodate creativity and emerging trends. Having working branding guidelines is by itself a marketing tool.

Hopefully, you now understand what branding is and why it matters for your business. Clearly, it is only through branding that your business will remain both locally and globally reachable and recognisable. Regardless of growth level or niche, every business must adopt working branding strategies, develop elaborate branding guidelines to remain on the success path, enhance customer satisfaction, and increase returns. Create that voice or image that people want to listen to and see with business branding.

At Graphik Pulse, we will help to establish a new brand for your company. From research, strategy formation, to final production, our team will handle everything. Get in touch with us if you want to know more about our services.

Improve Your Page Speed, Improve Your SEO In 2021

If you own a website and especially for business purposes, you would want it to delight both new and existing customers at any given time. Although many factors affect this, page speed is becoming a serious page performance factor year in year out. In 2021, page speed is expected to be among the top factors that determine how a site performs among others in the same niche.

If your goal for your website is to drive more traffic, phone calls, sales, or subscriber, then fast sage speed is a must. In this guide, you will learn what page speed is, how to test it, why it matters, how it relates to SEO and the top ways in which it can be increased.

What Exactly Is Page Speed?

In simple terms, Page speed is defined as the time it takes to display all the information on a given page. Developers prefer to call page speed as page load time, which simply means the time taken by a browser, like Chrome,Safari, or Edge, to receive the first lot of information from the server.

How To Check Page Speed?

Here, we will focus on the readily available service from Google; Google analytics and Google PageSpeed Insights. These free tools not only give you a breakdown of how your page performs in terms of page speed but also gives suggestions on the areas that need improvement.

To use Google Analytics, you need to sign in to your account on this platform. Hover directly to your View, open Reports, then pick Behavior and finally Site Speed. You will get three report options here, but you should open the Page Timing Report to get a report with detailed information on how your pages perform in terms of speed. The report also describes the time each page element (video, image, or button) takes to respond every time a user interacts with them.

With Google’s PageSpeed Insights, you can check your page speed instantly. It is a free tool which provides you with an overall score for desktop page speed and mobile page speed.

Nowadays, the majority of the web traffic comes from a handheld device like smartphones, tablets, etc, therefore google focuses more on mobile page speed. Along with the page speed score, you will also get to access other additional technical points.

If you do not have a technical background, then just focus on the First Meaningful Paint and its score as it defines how long it takes for your page to load enough content for your users to interact with. Higher the score the better it is.

WebPagetest, Gtmetrix and IsItWP are some other tools which you can use to check your Page Speed.

Why Is It Important To Improve Page Speed?

With the rapid advancement in technology, and 5G rolling out all over the world, a customer expects their pages to load instantly with a click. To users, this reduces the frustration that comes with slow loading sites. This simply means that a faster loading page is likely to impress a visitor more than a slow loading page. For website owners, improving the page ensures that your page is available in relevant searches as one of the top results. The other advantage is that people will spend more time on your page if it loads faster and this has an implication of increasing your conversions.

How Page Speed And SEO Are Related?

Since Google’s Algorithm Speed Update, page speed is today one of the signals that affect how the page ranks on searches. In case your pages have low speed, this may give your visitors and bots an unpleasant result/experience and affect your organic search ranking and traffic negatively.

What Can Be Done To Improve Page Speed?

• Reduce the size of your files (JavaScript, CSS, and HTML) that are above 150 bytes. Here, you can use the GZip software.

• Optimize your code removing unnecessary characters, spaces, code comments and formatting to boost your page speed. Use CSS Nano to optimize your site codes.

Optimize Your Images – Ensure that the images on your pages are adequately compressed and in the right format. An excellent tool to use here is CSS sprites, which allows you to combine all your images into one big image that loads faster but displays only the requested section.

Make Good Use Of Browser Caching – Caching is the process of storing information on a visitor’s browser such that the browser does not reload the whole page on subsequent visits. With a tool like YSlow, you can set the period you want your information to be cached on browsers.

Use A Content Distribution Network (CDN) – This stores copies of your site’s information in various geographical centres so that the content is readily available to users anytime, anywhere.

Optimize Your Server Response Time – Here, be on the lookout for issues such as inadequate memory, slow routing and slow database queries and act on them immediately. This will improve your server response time and thus the page speed.

Final Thoughts

Today, no web user will tolerate a slow page when there are others they can access within seconds. Now that you know how page speed affects your SEO ranking, you should leverage the above methods to boost your page speed and make sure you are not losing customers to your visitors. The good thing with page speed optimization is that there are tools to increase your pages’ speed hassle-free. Do not forget to check your page speed once in a while, as it is bound to change over time!

If you are struggling with your websites page speed, and despite all efforts, the page speed is not improving, then you are at the right place. At Graphik Pulse, we have a team of experienced digital marketers and web developers who can help you to improve your website page speed score.

Get in touch with us for more information.

Why Ecommerce For your Business in 2021 – [5 Facts]

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, many business operations have shifted online. The pandemic, the confusion and unending lockdowns have collectively made advertising and purchases to be conducted online. Research findings show that close to 40% of customers are now comfortable with digital technology. A business that is not leveraging Ecommerce at a time like this will find it hard to tap into the changing markets.

Now that every business looks to improve their returns in 2021 considering that last year was completely unyielding, here are 5 reasons why you cannot afford to look on to eCommerce.

1. Domestic Shoppers Are Going Cross-Border

If you have been in business or at least a business enthusiast, you would agree with me that ‘going global’ is not a new aspect in the industry. Business experts have, for a long time, been advising businesses to strengthen their global eCommerce presence. Today, it is clear why this is important for businesses who want to have a share in the market.

In the past few months, shoppers have adopted a shopping habit of looking for products outside their home country. Since this trend is expected to continue, you can only benefit from overseas markets if you invest in technologies and infrastructures to help you reach these buyers smoothly.

2. The Mobile Market Is Widening

At a time that many people are glued to their mobile devices, it makes sense to say that they are likely to make all their purchases with these devices. The better part of 2020 saw mobile shopping increase exponentially, a trend that is expected to continue in 2021 and years to come. With a mobile device, a shopper can now conveniently research about a product, read reviews, and order it whenever and wherever they want.

To be relevant in this, start by making your business website mobile-friendly. If you want to take this to the next level, you should consider starting your mobile app as most shoppers now use a mobile ap. Also, with the help of a mobile app, your business will be able to increase customer loyalty which in turn will provide higher conversion and higher ROI (Return on Investment).

You do not have to do this on your own as there are tools online to help you build a powerful mobile site. Do not forget to apply app store optimization to increase your app’s visibility in relevant searches.

3. E-commerce Advertising Will Be Prominent

We have already seen how this aspect has helped many businesses that were on the verge of collapsing due to the pandemic last year. In 2021, you have to invest in sustainable, eCommerce advertising strategies. It is more important to know the audience that is relevant to your business this year since your products’ needs may change in terms of demographics and amount. Be ready to optimize your existing advertising strategies to tap into existing and new markets. Tapping into social media will help more than tapping into surveys for quick customer feedback.

In the current economic times, you have to find a balance between investing resources and yielding results from the eCommerce advertising strategies you have put in place.

4. People Need Digital Payments Now More Than Ever

A very crucial part of eCommerce is digital payments since it provides convenience to online shoppers. Shoppers in 2021 will be looking for digital payment options, including Google pay, Samsung pay, Apple pay and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Now that fiat currency payment is likely to be overtaken by these payment modes this year and beyond, you should consider accepting them in your business.

By accepting digital payments, you will be able to remain competitive since you will be able to attend to the payment option demands of your potential customers and existing ones.

5. Free Shipping Is The Winning Online Shopping Round-Up

If you have a business, you should understand that the ultimate online sales maker is free shipping. Many shoppers in 2021 will be looking for anything that will reduce the cost of the money they spend on products and services. We live in hard economic times and despite the growth, the purchasing power of consumers are decreasing, so free shipping will influence customers’ purchasing habits in 2021.

Do not let potential customers abandon your products just because of the unaffordable shipping fee. There is always a way to incorporate this cost in the product prices in a way that your sales will remain profitable.

Customer Experience and Ecommerce

Covid-19 pandemic has led to a shift in demand patterns overnight. Only in Italy and China, e-commerce sales for consumer products increased by 50-80% in just a single week. It is of utmost importance for businesses to invest in innovative digital models and meeting the customers where they are. Businesses should expand home delivery options and consider contactless operations.

The digital-led experience will continue to grow exponentially even when the coronavirus is quelled and the companies to act and establish their business model to reach out not only to their customer but to their employees and community will have the strong advantage in the coming year. 

As more buyers flock the internet, the way your business performs in the current market entirely depends on how you respond to the digital revolution. We have already seen what the pandemic is capable of doing and at least we know why we should take eCommerce seriously in 2021. Technology is progressively improving the business industry, and eCommerce’s future, even beyond 2021 is very vibrant.

At Graphik Pulse, our team of digital marketing and eCommerce Web Design experts can help you to get your business online. Be part of this revolution by leveraging the elements discussed above and you will surely have a successful year in business.

5 Fundamental User Experience Factors that Impact SEO

In addressing user experience issues, their emotions and perceptions need to be considered important. For you to understand user experience issues, you need to consider the context in user interaction with a website.

SEO in the full-term is search engine optimisation. SEO is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a web page. SEO ensures that consumers find you faster on search engines when they are looking for something on the web.

It is an internet marketing strategy that considers how search engines work, the algorithms that control the search engine behaviour. It also controls the actual search terms like keywords typed on the search engine.

Why is user experience important for SEO?

User experience is important for SEO because they share common goals. It not only ranks for search terms but also seeks to provide consumers with information that best answers their questions.

They both have a common goal of giving users the best experience.

Steps on how to improve user experience:

Page load time/page speed

The most annoying thing to experience as a web user is a slow website. Some websites take a long time to load and this could be so frustrating for the user. You have to note that with each passing second, it becomes more apparent that your audience will exit your website if this happens. In turn, this will affect your bounce rate and you would have lost a potential customer due to this mishap.

In some cases, though, the slowness could be due to your user’s slow internet connection, which you have no control over. But for those factors that you have control over, you can work on that and give the best to your customers.

You can do so by:

  1. Minimise your file size
  2. Optimise image size
  3. And by making a sure website is making few possible server requests.

There are other speed factors that contribute to the best user experience, the above mentioned are just some of the most important factors.

Implement user-friendly URL structure

This is an integral part of an effective user-friendly experience strategy. Effective URL structure helps to familiarise the user in terms of where they are in the overall grading of your website. They help to tell what the page is all about.

For example,

When you look at this URL structure, you can instantly tell it is about education, specifically mobile marketing of educational material. This is a naturally good way of forming a URL structure. It is organised, efficient, and understandable.

(NOTE that this is just an example and not a real link)

Mobile responsiveness

The third factor is the mobile responsiveness. With there being about 50% of web traffic coming from mobile devices, this factor must be taken into consideration. If your website is not mobile responsive, you’re forfeiting more than 50% of your users from the start.

Many users prefer to use their mobile phones when they want to search for something. This is because the phone is always at hand, that’s why it’s called a mobile phone.

Google weighs this factor heavily as they test the website’s mobile responsiveness using its Google Mobile Responsiveness Test. They use this in their ranking algorithms.

Headers and menus

The menus you place on your headers should be very clean and efficient. There are some websites where they have the menu so cluttered that you’re not sure where to go. This means that there was no categorisation and every page on the whole website was a spot on the menu.

This is bad for the user experience.

As bad as this may sound, it is very common on most websites. Your users will feel overwhelmed with the amount of content they are presented with and may lead to them exiting the site.

Streamline your menus

Menus are among the main features of all websites. The main objective of menus is to guide users to the right page of the website. The most important guidelines of effective user experience design are to streamline the structure and design of your menu.

Make sure that your menu is not overly chaotic or complicated. Don’t place too much content on your menu or header. Make sure that your users can find what they are looking for by creating effective categories and subcategories.

In summary, you can do the following:

  1. Make sure your website is accessible to both humans and bots
  2. Take advantage of YouTube SEO
  3. Optimise voice search
  4. Design mobile-first
  5. Never overlook technical SEO
  6. Focus on topic clusters
  7. Most times, write longer content
  8. Create a diverse backlink portfolio
  9. Find relevant keywords with good search traffic potential

In conclusion, the user experience has a very effective impact on SEO since it gives you ranking on your website page, it gives you page traffic, and also potential customers for your business. Make sure to follow the above steps and tips to improve your user experience and eventually build on search engine optimisation.

Although, while doing all this, make sure not to overdo it because too much of something is poisonous.

Be sure to do them in moderation and while doing so, put yourself in the shoe of the user. For instance, while inserting keywords, ask yourself. If I was a user looking for this particular product, what words would I type in?

Many SEO companies offer specialised SEO services by helping businesses in competitive fields to succeed. A few examples of these include Local SEO, ecommerce SEO, and Voice SEO.

The SEO company services include; SEO audit, analysing competition, custom strategy, WebFX SEO check, off-page optimisation, on-page optimisation, monthly reports, and progressive optimisation.

With this information, you can use it to better your user experience and correct previous mistakes done.

At Graphik Pulse, we specialise in Brandy identity, Web design, Graphic design, and Marketing strategies that would yield result to our clients. Our personalised approach that varies depending upon the requirement gives what is desired by our clients through our strategies and creativity. To get more details and know more about our services, feel free to contact us here.

Learn the benefits of branding in the digital world

Branding is the process or action of marking something. It can be defined as a marketing strategy in which a company creates a name, symbol, or design that is identified to belong to that company.

Many businesses and companies use branding so that it can be easy for consumers to find their products or services easily. Branding also helps to differentiate one company or business from another.

In this article, we are going to learn the benefits of branding in the digital world.

Why is branding important for your business?

Branding is important because it can establish an identity for your business. This identity sets your business apart from the competition. With that, it sparks a connection with the target audience.

Let’s look at reasons why branding matters:

Branding shows your customers what makes you unique

If you do not establish instantly who you are as a brand, then neither will your customers. Your branding will immediately tell your story even before you introduce yourself to your client/customer.

A customer should be able to tell who you are and what you are selling by taking a glance at your brand. You can do so by establishing your brand with brand-defining keywords.

It builds connection

You can deeply connect with your employees, customers, and the general public by establishing a brand. This connection will gradually build a good reputation for you and your business.

Branding builds confidence

To tell your customers what makes you “you” takes guts and confidence is essential in business. Some of the most successful brands in the world got to where they are because of their sense of confidence. For example, “Nike”. Many companies make shoes but with the way Nike advertises its brand, it has raised the bar for them. With that kind of confidence, I don’t think people will ever forget about that brand. And that is why they make so many sales each year.

While many competitors may copy Nike, they are sustained by their brand wholesomely. This will make them among the leaders in modern footwear.

It gives you purpose and direction

Whatever your brand may be, make sure that it has meaning to it. Great branding is more than just your logo. Sure, Logo branding is equally essential to your brand design, but does it have a meaning behind it? Before branding ask yourself these questions: why this logo? Why these colors? What message will this logo or message give to the general public?

Branding also connects your values to a like-minded audience

To have a successful business, you need to establish a mission, vision, and values for your brand. This plays a huge role in upholding your brand identity with others that believe in the same beliefs.

Great branding delivers results

A strong brand is essential in delivering the results that you need.

Let us discuss the benefits of branding

Helps you stand out in a saturated market

Having a good brand design will help your consumers to notice you since there is a lot of competition in the market that may offer the same services as you.

You can charge what you are worth

When you have a clear brand, you will come across as professional and therefore charge as one.

Gives you credibility

Having an established brand will make you look like an expert and people will be more likely to buy from you.

Leads to loyalty

Branding leads to customer loyalty since they will be attracted to your brand which shares the same values as them.

Gets you referrals

Your customers will recommend you to their friends if you deliver what your brand promises. This is the best form of marketing strategy.

Saves money and time in the long run

When you set a good foundation at first with your brand, you will save a lot of money on changing your strategy, website, and logo. So, be sure to get off to a good start before settling.

Gives clear strategy for moving forward

Branding will set the tone for everything you do. When you have a strong strategy in place, you can look back to it and ensure that your services are in line with your mission.

These are just but a few of the advantages of branding since we can mention all of them.

It would not be complete for us to discuss branding without talking about the “logo”

What is a logo?

A logo is the foundation of your identity. You cannot have a brand without the logo. Attention spans are short these days, especially for consumers. Logos are important since they will be the first to be seen by the consumer when they open the website to your business.

Logos create a memorable experience for your consumers and this will differentiate you from your competitors.

They play a huge role in creating a good brand design for your business because:

  • They grab attention
  • Make a good first impression
  • Builds the foundation of your brand identity
  • They are memorable
  • Fosters brand loyalty

You can achieve all this by getting a good design agency. A design agency is an agency that offers services that fall under marketing and advertising. They can help you with promotion, creative strategy, or work.

When choosing a design agency, search beyond Google. Ask around your networks and see if there are any recommendations. Many agencies grow on referrals and google search may not feature them.

With that being said, branding is the best way to get your business noticed by your target audience. To achieve that goal, you can follow the above strategies and you will be on your way to establishing a successful name for your business. Remember to capture your audience’s attention by creating a logo that will motivate them to be interested in the products and services that you offer.

Lastly, values and beliefs matter. By adding your values to your brand, you will attract an audience that believes in the same values as you. In the long run, you will get referrals from them.

 Graphik Pulse is a designing agency based in Belfast. We strive to create innovative visual solutions for creative projects. We put in best of our efforts to satisfy interesting people looking for fresh approach that can get the attention of the target audience. We aim to help you in your journey to success. Feel free to contact us to know more about what we do.

Guide for Effective Customer Journey Map

Customers are one of the most basic parts of any business. No business can survive without customers. Having a strong clientele is extremely crucial for any business to thrive. But, forming a strong clientele for your business can be quite a challenging task if done without making use of the right tools. In commerce, one of the most effective tools that can be used for building a proper and strong clientele for your business is customer journey management. But first, let us understand what customer journey is and how customer experiences effect your business.

What is a Customer Journey?

In any business, customer experience can be described as the effect on a customer produced as a result of an interaction between a particular business and the customer. In simple words, customer experience can be referred to as the degree of satisfaction a customer feels regarding a product or service offered by a business. For instance, if your business has a mobile application for customers to view and purchase your products or services, how secured and user-friendly the application is will result in a customer experience. Again, how helpful and co-operative the customer service of your business is will result in another customer experience.

Every interaction between a business and a customer leads to a positive or negative customer experience. Whether the product or service your business offers is tangible or intangible, it is very important to ensure that your customers have a positive customer experience in every interaction with your business. The sum of all these customers experiences over a period of time determines the type of relationship a particular customer will share with your business. This sum of customer experiences over time is known as customer journey.

Why is Customer Journey Important?

An excellent customer journey is crucial for any business to grow and prosper for a number of reasons. Since customer journey is ultimately the outcome of a series of customer experiences, it is very important for a business to ensure that each of these experiences is positive and result in customer satisfaction. Simply speaking, an excellent customer journey is the result of many excellent customer experiences. But, why is it so important that these customer experiences are positive and lead to a positive customer journey?

You know, whenever a person purchases or uses the products and services offered by your business, they become your customer. But the relationship formed between the customer and your business does not end there. Ensuring that each of your customers and potential clients have a positive experience every time they interact with your business can prove be very beneficial for the growth of your brand. Positive customer experiences will not only help you gain loyal customers but also help you build your brand reputation and automatically promote your brand to potential customers to develop an even stronger clientele. On the other hand, continuous negative customer experiences will not only ruin your brand name and prevent you from gaining any new customers but also affect the faith of your existing customers in your brand. This means, the success of a brand greatly depends upon the customer experiences related to the brand. So, it is very important to make sure the customer journeys associated with your brand are positive.

What is Customer Journey Management?

Customer Journey Management refers to the process of understanding and analyzing customers to ensure their satisfaction with the brand and working out the best ways possible to provide clients with remarkable customer experiences and build positive customer journeys. It basically refers to the process of optimization of customer experiences and customer journeys by studying customers and their points of view. The significance of customer journey management lies in its ability to help the manager of a brand understand the shortcomings in customer experiences and make appropriate changes in the same to improve customer journey.

Customer Journey management comprises mainly of three approaches, namely, journey mapping, journey analytics and journey orchestration; although they are very different from one another, each of these approaches play significant roles in ensuring better and improved customer experiences.

  • Customer Journey Mapping refers to the practice of creating detailed customer journey maps in order to visualize the interactions of a customer with a brand over time. This process is also known as user journey mapping. This approach helps the customer journey manager understand the view points of the customers while going through the different interactions associated with the brand. Journey Mapping is mainly concerned with the quality of customer experience and journey.
  • Customer Journey Analytics is the process of collecting detailed data on every interaction with every customer of the brand and their behavioural trends over time and scientifically analyzing all those interactions to improve customer experiences and journey. Customer Journey Analytics operates on a bigger scale as compared to that of Journey Mapping.
  • Customer Journey Orchestration is the use of the data gathered from the experiences of each customer to develop more personalized interactions for every individual customer in order to improve customer experiences and journey.

With a combination of these three approaches, management of customer journey and ensuring positive customer experiences can become a much easier task.

Customer Journey Maps Vs Process Maps: What is the Difference?

Customer Journey Maps are mainly concerned with the customer and parameters associated with the customer. Whereas, Process Maps are focused on the brand or company and the parameters associated with the brand and business and do not take the perspective of the customers into account. While Customer Journey Maps provide data on customer experiences, process maps are used to enlist and describe the processes, activities, and functions associated with the brand. Additionally, Customer Journey Maps take the emotions of the customer into account and uses the language of the customers as their terminology. But, Process Maps are much more technical in nature and does not take customer emotions into account. Rather, they are concerned with terminology that is specific and relevant to the brand or company.

Despite these differences, when it comes to business and brand management, both Customer Journey Maps and Process Maps are extremely vital tools and if they used together, both the customer journey management and the marketing strategy of the brand can be improved.

What Is Target Audience in Digital Marketing?

The target audience for any product or service plays a very crucial role in any kind of marketing. Knowing and understanding the needs of your target audience will not only help you understand how you can convince them to buy your product or service but also help you make appropriate changes to your own product or service so as to make it more appealing and valuable to your customers. So, if you want to understand your target audience better, you have come to the right place.

What is Target Audience in Marketing?

Let’s start with defining the target audience. What exactly is the target audience in digital marketing? Your target audience is your potential customers. It is the group of people or consumers who are very much likely to be willing to buy your product or service based on your advertisements and marketing strategy. This is a very important reason why they should be seeing your ad.

Since it is extremely difficult for any business to reach an entire market, target marketing is always preferred these days by all the brands so that they can put their energy on a well defined and specific group in a particular market.

To make it easier, mainly four types of market segmentations are created. These are:

  • Segment based on demographics: gender, religion, age, education,  race, marital status, etc.
  • Segment based on psychographics: personality, beliefs, values, lifestyle, interests, etc.
  • Segment based on behavior: habits of purchasing or spending, brand interactions, the status of the user, etc.
  • Segment based on geographic areas: area code, region, city, country neighborhood, etc.

Your target audience in digital marketing depends on what you are selling. It may be a niche or a broader one. Whatever the situation may be, it is always important to identify the audience you want to aim at.

Why is Target Audience Important?

Whatever your business may be concerned with, going out of your way to reach anyone and everyone all at once is neither practical nor useful. This is because, in any kind of marketing, the quality of your clientele is always more important than quantity. Any person to whom your product doesn’t hold any value cannot and will not become your customer. This is why one needs to narrow their focus to the main audience so that an effective marketing strategy can be developed.

Your company can make such a strategy that can help you reach consumers who seem to have high chances of becoming your customers. For instance, if you intend to use Facebook as a marketing channel for your product, service, or business, you can target the users on the basis of their interest and click-through rates on Facebook Ads.

Spending money on an audience that might have no interest in your product makes no sense. To make your ads more cost-effective, it is better to run them on a focused group of customers consisting of a limited number of people. Sending mails to all the local households will not give you a good return on investment but sending it to those who might be interested can certainly prove to be a better option.

In addition to all of these, having a well-defined audience will help you stay focused while also giving you the opportunity to build customer loyalty.

The Answer to the Question: “Who is my Target Audience?”

With the importance of focusing on a target audience for the marketing of your product or service established, you may have these questions: How to identify your target audience and what are some examples of the target audience? You know your target audience is your potential customers. Now, how to know if a person viewing your product or service is likely to become your customer or not?

In order to know your potential customers, you need to understand the nature of your product or service which group of people it is intended for, and how its value varies from one group to another.

For instance, if you sell makeup products, your target audience would consist mainly of the people who use makeup or are interested in makeup products, i.e., to whom the products hold value. In this case, your target audience will mostly include women, makeup artists, beauty bloggers or related product reviewers. Similarly, if you sell clothing, your target audience will vary depending on the type of clothing you sell. Shops that sell clothing for all genders and ages will have a broad target audience concerning all the people situated within the geographical limitations of sales of those stores whereas your target audience will be much more focused if your brand is concerned with selling specific attire like activewear or formal wear.

The same goes for services as well. Your target audience will vary depending upon the services you offer, so as to say, if you are a tutor who conducts online classes on a particular subject, your target audience will consist of students with internet connectivity, who are interested in that subject.

Where is your Target Audience?

Once you know who your target audience is supposed to include, the next challenge is to locate them. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do so is to keep track of the customers of your competitors. If your business or company has competitors dealing with a similar niche as yours; their target audience will very likely be your target audience as well.

So, if you want to build a strong target audience for your business, make sure to keep an eye on the customers of your competitors and keep modifying your own product or service to suit their needs so as to raise your chances of gaining them as your regular customers.

Why choose Graphik Pulse?

Graphik Pulse is a full-service brand and digital agency based in Belfast, Ireland. We are committed to helping you reach the most appropriate target audience.

We specialise in graphic design, web design, brandy identity, and marketing strategies that give the desired results. Our custom-made approach strives to deliver success to our valuable clients through the power of creativity and strategy by winning hearts and minds, allowing you to prosper and grow. So, if you want to build a strong target audience for your business, make sure to keep an eye on the customers of your competitors and keep modifying your own product or service to suit their needs so as to raise your chances of gaining them as your regular customers.

Strategy is a pattern in the stream of decision

- Henry Mintzberg We design the pattern