Why Ecommerce For your Business in 2021 – [5 Facts]

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, many business operations have shifted online. The pandemic, the confusion and unending lockdowns have collectively made advertising and purchases to be conducted online. Research findings show that close to 40% of customers are now comfortable with digital technology. A business that is not leveraging Ecommerce at a time like this will find it hard to tap into the changing markets.

Now that every business looks to improve their returns in 2021 considering that last year was completely unyielding, here are 5 reasons why you cannot afford to look on to eCommerce.

1. Domestic Shoppers Are Going Cross-Border

If you have been in business or at least a business enthusiast, you would agree with me that ‘going global’ is not a new aspect in the industry. Business experts have, for a long time, been advising businesses to strengthen their global eCommerce presence. Today, it is clear why this is important for businesses who want to have a share in the market.

In the past few months, shoppers have adopted a shopping habit of looking for products outside their home country. Since this trend is expected to continue, you can only benefit from overseas markets if you invest in technologies and infrastructures to help you reach these buyers smoothly.

2. The Mobile Market Is Widening

At a time that many people are glued to their mobile devices, it makes sense to say that they are likely to make all their purchases with these devices. The better part of 2020 saw mobile shopping increase exponentially, a trend that is expected to continue in 2021 and years to come. With a mobile device, a shopper can now conveniently research about a product, read reviews, and order it whenever and wherever they want.

To be relevant in this, start by making your business website mobile-friendly. If you want to take this to the next level, you should consider starting your mobile app as most shoppers now use a mobile ap. Also, with the help of a mobile app, your business will be able to increase customer loyalty which in turn will provide higher conversion and higher ROI (Return on Investment).

You do not have to do this on your own as there are tools online to help you build a powerful mobile site. Do not forget to apply app store optimization to increase your app’s visibility in relevant searches.

3. E-commerce Advertising Will Be Prominent

We have already seen how this aspect has helped many businesses that were on the verge of collapsing due to the pandemic last year. In 2021, you have to invest in sustainable, eCommerce advertising strategies. It is more important to know the audience that is relevant to your business this year since your products’ needs may change in terms of demographics and amount. Be ready to optimize your existing advertising strategies to tap into existing and new markets. Tapping into social media will help more than tapping into surveys for quick customer feedback.

In the current economic times, you have to find a balance between investing resources and yielding results from the eCommerce advertising strategies you have put in place.

4. People Need Digital Payments Now More Than Ever

A very crucial part of eCommerce is digital payments since it provides convenience to online shoppers. Shoppers in 2021 will be looking for digital payment options, including Google pay, Samsung pay, Apple pay and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Now that fiat currency payment is likely to be overtaken by these payment modes this year and beyond, you should consider accepting them in your business.

By accepting digital payments, you will be able to remain competitive since you will be able to attend to the payment option demands of your potential customers and existing ones.

5. Free Shipping Is The Winning Online Shopping Round-Up

If you have a business, you should understand that the ultimate online sales maker is free shipping. Many shoppers in 2021 will be looking for anything that will reduce the cost of the money they spend on products and services. We live in hard economic times and despite the growth, the purchasing power of consumers are decreasing, so free shipping will influence customers’ purchasing habits in 2021.

Do not let potential customers abandon your products just because of the unaffordable shipping fee. There is always a way to incorporate this cost in the product prices in a way that your sales will remain profitable.

Customer Experience and Ecommerce

Covid-19 pandemic has led to a shift in demand patterns overnight. Only in Italy and China, e-commerce sales for consumer products increased by 50-80% in just a single week. It is of utmost importance for businesses to invest in innovative digital models and meeting the customers where they are. Businesses should expand home delivery options and consider contactless operations.

The digital-led experience will continue to grow exponentially even when the coronavirus is quelled and the companies to act and establish their business model to reach out not only to their customer but to their employees and community will have the strong advantage in the coming year. 

As more buyers flock the internet, the way your business performs in the current market entirely depends on how you respond to the digital revolution. We have already seen what the pandemic is capable of doing and at least we know why we should take eCommerce seriously in 2021. Technology is progressively improving the business industry, and eCommerce’s future, even beyond 2021 is very vibrant.

At Graphik Pulse, our team of digital marketing and eCommerce Web Design experts can help you to get your business online. Be part of this revolution by leveraging the elements discussed above and you will surely have a successful year in business.

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