What Is Target Audience in Digital Marketing?

The target audience for any product or service plays a very crucial role in any kind of marketing. Knowing and understanding the needs of your target audience will not only help you understand how you can convince them to buy your product or service but also help you make appropriate changes to your own product or service so as to make it more appealing and valuable to your customers. So, if you want to understand your target audience better, you have come to the right place.

What is Target Audience in Marketing?

Let’s start with defining the target audience. What exactly is the target audience in digital marketing? Your target audience is your potential customers. It is the group of people or consumers who are very much likely to be willing to buy your product or service based on your advertisements and marketing strategy. This is a very important reason why they should be seeing your ad.

Since it is extremely difficult for any business to reach an entire market, target marketing is always preferred these days by all the brands so that they can put their energy on a well defined and specific group in a particular market.

To make it easier, mainly four types of market segmentations are created. These are:

  • Segment based on demographics: gender, religion, age, education,  race, marital status, etc.
  • Segment based on psychographics: personality, beliefs, values, lifestyle, interests, etc.
  • Segment based on behavior: habits of purchasing or spending, brand interactions, the status of the user, etc.
  • Segment based on geographic areas: area code, region, city, country neighborhood, etc.

Your target audience in digital marketing depends on what you are selling. It may be a niche or a broader one. Whatever the situation may be, it is always important to identify the audience you want to aim at.

Why is Target Audience Important?

Whatever your business may be concerned with, going out of your way to reach anyone and everyone all at once is neither practical nor useful. This is because, in any kind of marketing, the quality of your clientele is always more important than quantity. Any person to whom your product doesn’t hold any value cannot and will not become your customer. This is why one needs to narrow their focus to the main audience so that an effective marketing strategy can be developed.

Your company can make such a strategy that can help you reach consumers who seem to have high chances of becoming your customers. For instance, if you intend to use Facebook as a marketing channel for your product, service, or business, you can target the users on the basis of their interest and click-through rates on Facebook Ads.

Spending money on an audience that might have no interest in your product makes no sense. To make your ads more cost-effective, it is better to run them on a focused group of customers consisting of a limited number of people. Sending mails to all the local households will not give you a good return on investment but sending it to those who might be interested can certainly prove to be a better option.

In addition to all of these, having a well-defined audience will help you stay focused while also giving you the opportunity to build customer loyalty.

The Answer to the Question: “Who is my Target Audience?”

With the importance of focusing on a target audience for the marketing of your product or service established, you may have these questions: How to identify your target audience and what are some examples of the target audience? You know your target audience is your potential customers. Now, how to know if a person viewing your product or service is likely to become your customer or not?

In order to know your potential customers, you need to understand the nature of your product or service which group of people it is intended for, and how its value varies from one group to another.

For instance, if you sell makeup products, your target audience would consist mainly of the people who use makeup or are interested in makeup products, i.e., to whom the products hold value. In this case, your target audience will mostly include women, makeup artists, beauty bloggers or related product reviewers. Similarly, if you sell clothing, your target audience will vary depending on the type of clothing you sell. Shops that sell clothing for all genders and ages will have a broad target audience concerning all the people situated within the geographical limitations of sales of those stores whereas your target audience will be much more focused if your brand is concerned with selling specific attire like activewear or formal wear.

The same goes for services as well. Your target audience will vary depending upon the services you offer, so as to say, if you are a tutor who conducts online classes on a particular subject, your target audience will consist of students with internet connectivity, who are interested in that subject.

Where is your Target Audience?

Once you know who your target audience is supposed to include, the next challenge is to locate them. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do so is to keep track of the customers of your competitors. If your business or company has competitors dealing with a similar niche as yours; their target audience will very likely be your target audience as well.

So, if you want to build a strong target audience for your business, make sure to keep an eye on the customers of your competitors and keep modifying your own product or service to suit their needs so as to raise your chances of gaining them as your regular customers.

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